Gata Solo Exhibition

Exhibition in Myconos & Athens. George Alexandrakis Photography & Amarildo Topalis Art Work. «The costume of the soul» Instead of importing in order to teach about the philosophy of art proposal, using the same thoughts of authors for their work: "The word literally means breath soul, namely the identification of life in the body. We are born naked & free and we leave free and naked, in the meantime life seeking material and carnal pleasures, leaving room for our spiritual clarity and freedom. We have the body to protect our soul and to preserve it. Divine creation ...... Capturing everyday naked people with a backdrop of the city, could be of any man in any city, every body is different , every body has an audience surrounds the soul, feeds the soul , respectively and the soul creates the conditions that make it stand. The soul can not be captured, but may leave stain. The city (stimuli), nature is a source of life for the costume of our soul, as the trees have no leaves, so also our bodies remain empty until note and see the leaves come out through spirituality.

ClientZeus Art Gallery - Myconos